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There are many reasons why offering company transport for employees may be a good idea

If your business is located in the city, you’re constantly going to be faced with commute issues and frustrations from your employees after they struggle with unreliable public transport and many hours of traffic jams. This, in turn, will lead to management frustrations. Whether your employees are taking the bus or relying on their own vehicle to arrive at work safely, you could eliminate many of these transport-related problems simply by offering your own company transport.

Company transport does not mean purchasing company cars for your staff to use. It simply means introducing a shuttle service for employees to and from work, allowing everyone to meet at a designated pick-up point.

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Companies which have already invested in commuter shuttles for their staff have not only seen an increase in productivity levels, but a higher sense of wellbeing, plenty of cost savings and more. Here are a few reasons why your business should invest in a transport solution:

It boosts productivity

Anyone who sits in hours of traffic every day will understand the anxiety it can cause you. The frustration you feel is a health risk. And the worst part about it is that you don’t always have control over what is happening on the roads. If your business introduces a shuttle service, you will be able to offer employees downtime before they arrive at the office. This extra time they save from not sitting in traffic will allow them to prep for work beforehand.

It creates a punctual workforce

One thing businesses in the city struggle to manage is the punctuality of employees driving from various suburbs. There are days where employees will arrive on time and days where external factors such as accidents or weather have caused for them to be late. And whether your employees are genuinely late or not, it will cause an upset in the office if it happens more than once a week. One of the ideal perks with a communal transport system is that it will increase punctuality. People will arrive at the same time every day, and it will also create a more connected workforce. This will make your employees happier and more motivated at work, leading to a healthy balance of work and personal life with less time wasted in traffic. Over the long-term, this approach can reduce employee stress and health problems.

Allows your company to contribute to the environment

With more companies striving to make a positive impact on the environment by practising some sort of sustainable practice, employers will be able to make an impact by reducing the carbon footprint generated from individual employee commutes. Because employees will not be travelling in their own vehicle to and from work, it will help improve the quality of life for employees and others around them. This could be an incentive for your business to raise awareness and contribute to a bigger purpose of looking after the environment.

Generates an attractive business image to the public

Offering such a massive perk such as this will be able to give your employees another reason to remain loyal. Company benefits play a major role in employees’ lives, and they also impress future candidates and encourage them to apply to your company. With employee culture and job satisfaction being at the top of priority lists for many members of younger generations, a transport benefit will add value to their lives and help them to feel cared for. After all, any business’ goal is to engage employees to better create a loyal workforce. If you want to keep your business turnaround high as well as employee turnover rate low, make a change for the better and help your employees live a healthier and happier life.

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